Prof. Mannarakkal Dasan with the contribution of Mr. Rajan Vepu, PERFORMATIVE CULTURES IN NORTH KERALA: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE

Wykład został wygłoszony 12 grudnia 2017 podczas: International Seminar on Identity Performances of the Marginalized People (w Księgarni Hiszpańskiej we Wrocławiu).
Informacja o wykładowcy: Mannarakkal Dasan, Professor Emeritus at the Central University of Kerala, formerly Dean of the School of Languages and Comparative Literature, best scholar on Dalit performative culture and literature, author of Counter Cultural Discourse and Dalit Literature in India (2014), Theyyam: Patronage, Appropriation and Interpolation (2012), The Oxford India Anthology of Malayam Dalit Writing (2011), and Rethinking Multiculturalism (2006).